Olli Schulz sings a lullaby for Elmo on “Sesame Street” (video)

On the occasion of the show’s 50th anniversary, the musician can be seen singing for Elmo. Take a look here.

Olli Schulz is a guest in the current, 2947th episode of “Sesame Street”. At the beginning he walks through the picture and greets Elmo. Then Elmo explains to the musician that the first thing you need to make music is a felt-tip pen – for autographs. In the end, the two compose a song: the “No Fear Song,” which Schulz ultimately sings for Elmo and his monster friends around the campfire.

Schulz is part of the anniversary season that started on September 29th in the ARD media library and on October 2nd at KiKA. Its episode lasts just under 21 minutes and is available in the media library until April 16, 2024.

Watch the episode with Olli Schulz here.

Fun fact: Schulz himself also turned 50 on Sunday, October 15th.

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Olli Schulz and Elmo: A sleepwalk

The musician and “Fest & Fluschig” podcaster Olli Schulz sings a lullaby for Elmo that he calls “No Fear Song.” This is supposed to take away the little red monster’s fear of the night, but initially it has the opposite effect. The second version of the song, which ultimately makes Elmo laugh, helps against this.

Here are the lyrics to the “Don’t Be Afraid of Fear” song:

“Stop the limp old monkey / it’s really time to sleep / tomorrow morning the sun will shine again / I’d still much rather lie with you among the creepy crawlies / than be all alone at home / don’t talk about ghosts, otherwise I’ll have to laugh / there are no more of them than there are evil dragons / no ghosts or anything else / and of course there are no shaggy monsters / no fear of fear”.

By the way, Max Raabe sang a lullaby on “Sesame Street” ten years ago, back then for Ernie and Bert. View here:

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More about the anniversary of “Sesame Street”

“Sesame Street” is celebrating its anniversary this year. The magazine for children has been running on German television since 1973. The 50th anniversary season includes episodes 2945 – 2957. All new episodes of “Sesame Street” can be seen in the ARD media library.