Old plane bomb in Kortrijk: school evacuated for a while

    At 1.15 pm the message came that the bomb has been dismantled and that everyone can re-enter the school and the homes.

    “The bomb that was found is of English manufacture and weighs about 500 pounds. It has been decided to dismantle the detonator on site. To do this safely, an extension of the evacuation perimeter to 250 meters is necessary.”

    The bomb is a thick 90 centimeters in size.

    Bombing World War II

    The plane bomb isn’t there by accident. The site was frequently bombed by British aircraft during the Second World War. A similar aircraft bomb was discovered in that area last year.

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    School and neighborhood evacuated

    “All in all, about 80 local residents and 220 students/staff of the Damiaanschool were evacuated. The new building section of De Korf was also evacuated. Together with HVZ Fluvia, the Police Zone Vlas, the medical services and DOVO. Depart where coffee and water was provided,” says the City of Kortrijk.

    The students and teachers of the Damiaan School, in consultation with the emergency services, have decided to temporarily accommodate the children in the romp Park Pater Damiaan, which is located at a safe distance outside the perimeter. In the meantime, the students are allowed to go back to school.