Offside statement from Antalyaspor Coach Sergen Yalçın!

In the 25th week of Trendyol Super League, Antalyaspor lost 2-0 away to Samsunspor. Antalyaspor Coach Sergen Yalçın evaluated the match at the post-match press conference. Expressing that they were sorry for losing, Sergen Yalçın said, “We are sorry for losing. I am happy with the children’s fight. We have a goal that was not counted throughout the game. Our goal was not counted with millimeter offside. Samsunspor’s first goal was counted with millimeters. This disrupted the balance of the game. If we had gone ahead, we could have won too. . Samsun away match was a difficult one. It was a match they should have won too. We will evaluate what we did wrong. We are sorry for the loss, but our place in the scoreboard is not bad. We will focus on the next matches. Naldo had a yellow card. Marius is a very good player. Our defense is strong. “It was very tiring. I took Naldo out of the game so that he would not see the second yellow card,” he said.