Office can be hell!

In the almost eight-year history of “Stromberg” (plus the cinema film), there were countless memorable sayings from the professional cynic. ROLLING STONE has compiled some of the best for you.

Like a cat, when you think it’s over, I still have 5 or 6 lives up my sleeve.

Sex is like the Olympics, being there is everything.

With women it’s like with hobbits, in the end it’s always about a ring. One of ours is just about having a little fun and so on, and they’re looking for something to marry right away….that’s terrible….it doesn’t matter whether they’re supermodels or whether they look like Dresden ’45, it doesn’t give a fuck….they always think the same: oh, something solid…come on, let’s build a house, we’ll plant a tree, uh… the whole sauce.

The men may be descended from apes, but the women are definitely descended from a burdock.

It’s often the end of the day much earlier than you think… so not in the office, but in life… you often don’t even think about that in everyday life… uh shit… Suddenly he’s standing in front of you, our superior with the big scythe .

I’ll do it like God. He doesn’t show up that often either, but still has a good image.

If you’ve already got one leg in the shit, then of course you still have to be able to run a marathon with the other.

And you know that, a pregnancy like that, it’s like a hundred episodes of Lindenstraße in your own body, that mistakes are inevitable.

Would have had….if the dog hadn’t shit, he would have gotten the rabbit.

Humor is not a welcome guest in Germany, unfortunately.

Fucking women! All the coal that they already cost anyway! Here’s a cream, there’s a salve – and then you look at the old woman and think: What’s the whole thing for? And a divorce like that is much more expensive.

The food is back too… They make bombs out of these in the Middle East!

Office is like…riding a roller coaster, a constant up and down. If you have to do this for 8 hours, EVERY DAY, you eventually throw up.

The Turk knows coffee, doner kebab, belly dancing. Not more. This is not prejudice, but historically proven. The ancient Greeks, they did something historically, but the Turks, things get tight there.

Well, this morbid ambition isn’t my hobby anyway, I’ll say it. You know that from people who are actually very small! Hitler, Berti Vogts ehhhm or people who otherwise have a shortcoming: Turks or other minorities who have to compensate for something. I don’t have to!

As a boss, you must be impregnated against surprises, because the devil is a squirrel! No, and, and, and as the boss, YOU have to be the squirrel who always hid a couple of extra nuts so that the other squirrels don’t find them so that the egg uh… you understand?

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