Oberliga Süd 1961/62 & 1962/63: 1. FC Nuremberg and 1860 Munich become champions

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The transfer market database has been enriched by further milestones. The 1961/62 and 1962/63 seasons of the Oberliga Süd can now be viewed in their entirety. Champion was 1962 due to the better goal difference of the 1st FC Nuremberg before Eintracht Frankfurt. In the final round of the German championship that followed, the “club” made it to the final, but lost 4-0 to 1. FC Köln. The following year, 1860 Munich was allowed to celebrate, this time FCN came second.

Meanwhile, one of the top scorers in 1962 came from Vice Frankfurt: Lothar Schämer, as well as the Munich “lion” Rudolf Brunnenmeier, scored 26 goals in 30 games. The following season the title was awarded only once and went to Nuremberg’s Kurt Haseneder, who scored 25 goals (23 games).

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