Nu-Metal Zeros: When Linkin Park and System Of A Down landed on the Musikexpress cover

Someone else said that in the noughties we were only interested in indie rock! Today’s ME flashback journey leads straight back to January 2003: With STEAL THIS ALBUM, System Of A Down have just released their third record. In a long feature, the Musikexpress researches what makes this band so unique.⁠

What else was in this booklet? Audioslave are on the rise and are being praised as the “new alternative supergroup”.⁠ Missy Elliott releases the classic album UNDER CONSTRUCTION, which is also recognized as such in the reviews and duly celebrated.⁠ In addition, the 50 best albums you, who took first place?⁠ Have a look here:

Only four months later we delve even further into the nu-metal depths: In April 2003 Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park look at us from the cover, who on four pages extensively talk about their then new album METEORA and the elementary thing about their want to speak texts.⁠

Plus: The White Stripes, at the height of their career, explain why they think rock should sound as childish as possible. And otherwise The Used – Screamo apparently interested us once – talk about their success and we look at the work of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What a time!

Why the nostalgia? On July 14th we are with the 800th edition at the start gone. Rejoice with us! Here to their content and the direct order option.


Then someone else would say that print is dead! Despite the supposed omnipotence of algorithms, MUSIKEXPRESS has been defending its regular place at the kiosk for more than 50 years, where it has been since July 14th can be found in his 800th robe.

MUSIKEXPRESS started in 1969 as an independent, German version of the Dutch model. As Germany’s oldest music magazine, it has long since become an icon: MUSIKEXPRESS explains the pop-cultural present, builds bridges to the past and looks to the future.

For the anniversary of our 800th edition, it should be about what leads us to music. That’s why we’re dedicating our anniversary edition to 80 albums that changed our lives.

40 regular authors of the magazine and 40 musicians such as Tocotronic, Thees Uhlmann, Ilgen-Nur, Wanda, Noga Erez, Isolation Berlin, Calexico, Drangsal and many more write about records after which nothing was the same: from the Beatles to Bowie to Florence and Kendrick Lamar. Living pop culture – there is a lot to (re)discover!

This is what the 800th edition of MUSIKEXPRESS looks like