Now the man who paid a seven-figure sum is talking about Kimi Räikkösen – Great bet in the direction of Robin, 8

Kimi Räikkönen is expensive for Iloq, but the company gladly pays for the cooperation. The upcoming Nascar competition could not have hit a better seam.

Kimi Räikkönen’s participation in the Nascar series competition in March is perfectly timed for the Finnish partner Iloq.

Räikkönen will participate in the Nascar series race at Austin’s Cota track at the end of March. Next week, a significant Iloq trade fair will be held in the USA.

It’s still a pure coincidence, CEO of Iloq Heikki Hiltunen convince. A Finnish company offering digital locking solutions was not the party that initiated Räikkönen’s return to Nascar.

The same (Visa, Räikkönen’s manager) contacted us to tell us about Räikkönen’s intention to race at the track where he won his last F1 race. He asked if Iloq would be interested in joining the project, Hiltunen reveals to Iltalehte.

Räikkönen and Iloq started working together during Räikkönen’s last F1 driving years. The cooperation has continued, even though Jäämies ended his long and handsome formula at the end of the 2021 season.

– We agreed at that time that if Kimi comes up with something interesting, we will look into the situation. Last year, we were involved when he competed in the Watkins Glen race of the Nascar series, Hiltunen reminds.

According to Hiltusen, Räikkönen’s sled going to the Austin race is Iloq’s single most significant financial investment of the year.

Lean on fun

The Finnish company’s logo was prominently displayed in the last years of Räikkönen’s F1 career. PDO

Iloq wants access to the US market. Räikkönen’s participation in a hugely popular car racing competition in America provides Iloq with wholesale visibility in the market area it covets.

In 2021, Hiltunen described to Iltalehti that the Räikkönen collaboration would cost a “seven-figure sum”. So over a million in Finland.

At that time, Räikkönen not only acted as the company’s advertising face, but also wore Iloq’s logos on his cap and helmet.

Now that his F1 career is over, Jäämies no longer offers similar international visibility.

Iceman’s market value is still huge.

Hiltunen does not agree to comment on the financial figures of the new contract, citing contractual reasons. However, it is not about the button shop.

– Kim has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. In addition, he is still one of the most famous drivers in formula history and perhaps the most famous Finn in the world, Hiltunen reminds.

Cooperation with Räikkönen therefore pays handsomely. Iloq will still happily pocket the amount.

– This is business partnership cooperation, which is genuinely beneficial for both parties. Not every company can become Kim’s partner. He chooses his partners carefully. Our world of values they are stewing. He values ​​our world of values ​​and the Finnish growth story, and we value Kim’s honest and straightforward way of working, Hiltunen says.

Kimi’s dream partner

Iloq CEO Heikki Hiltunen is satisfied with the cooperation with Räikkönen. Jussi Saarinen

Hiltunen says that the cooperation with Räikkönen goes smoothly.

– Both parties trust each other. There is no need to adjust things one way or the other, Hiltunen praises.

In addition to driving skills, Räikkönen’s inimitable character is undeniably the secret of his great popularity.

According to Hiltunen, many will be surprised by the way in which Räikkönen has entered into the Iloq collaboration.

– Kimi has an open and active approach to doing things. But it’s not a surprise. Once you get to know Kim, working with him is effortless and uncomplicated.

In support of Robin

The collaboration between Räikkönen and Iloq has already progressed to the next generation. PDO

Kimi is not the only Räikkönen who collaborates with Iloq.

– We have a little cooperation Robin Räikkönen with, Heikki Hiltunen reveals.

– If you look at his karting car, you can see our logo there. Likewise for his cap. This is a bit of a continuation of the Kimi collaboration. We are also supporting the family, Hiltunen says.

Eight-year-old Robin Räikkönen drove his first races in karting last year. So, the first steps in the father’s footsteps have been taken.