The political background affects food habits, according to research commissioned by Foodora.

    The Finnish food barometer commissioned by Foodora shows that the stereotypes are true.

    According to it, the political background affects our eating habits, such as our favorite food or our desire to order food.

    Foodora, a food delivery service operating in the Nordic countries, states in its release that supporters of basic Finns are devoted meat eaters, while supporters of the greens and the left choose vegetables more often. Members of the Kokoumu community invest in everyday luxuries, such as seafood and going to a restaurant.

    – SDP and Center stand out as the more traditional food parties, whose supporters prefer Finnish home cooking by far. Supporters of basic Finns also prefer traditional Finnish home cooking, but their favorite dishes also emphasize meatier options, such as hamburgers, grill food and kebabs, says Foodora’s CEO Joonas Kuronen in the bulletin.

    The members of the Kokoumist party prefer to eat seafood, while the voters of the RKP get excited about sushi.

    Pan-fried pork steak and cauliflower-chickpea puree. Roni Lehti

    Supporters of the Greens and the Left Alliance eat significantly more vegetarian food and Middle Eastern and Asian tastes, such as Indian, Japanese and Thai, than voters of other parties.

    The barometer shows that the voters of the Greens, the Left and the Coalition order restaurant food home the most. The food ordering activity of the Greens is explained by the concentration of voters in the capital region and large cities, where voters have the widest options for ordering food. Greens also order groceries home the most.

    23 percent of the voters of the coalition eat at a restaurant every week. The average for the whole of Finland is 16 percent. The restaurant has the fewest supporters of basic Finns, 13 percent.

    According to the barometer, the older age groups are used to cooking at home, as the daily cooking activity is emphasized in people over 55 years old. Among the parties, there is the most cooking activity among the voters of the Christian Democrats, RKP, the Greens and the SDP.

    Beets ready for the oven. Mari Moilanen

    Favorite dishes of people who vote for different parties

    Vegetarian dish: SDP 6 percent, Center 6 percent, Kokoomos 5 percent, RKP 5 percent, Christian Democrats 11 percent, Greens 21 percent, Left Alliance 13 percent, Basic Finns 3 percent.

    Soups: SDP 11 percent, Center 9 percent, Kokoomos 5 percent, RKP 4 percent, Christian Democrats 12 percent, Greens 4 percent, Left Alliance 7 percent, Basic Finns 15 percent.

    Kebab: SDP 8 percent, Center 11 percent, Kokoomos 5 percent, RKP 4 percent, Christian Democrats 12 percent, Greens 4 percent, Left Alliance 7 percent, Basic Finns 15 percent.

    Sushi: SDP 10 percent, Center 18 percent, Kokoumus 12 percent, RKP 31 percent, Christian Democrats 14 percent, Greens 14 percent, Left Alliance 14 percent, Basic Finns 8 percent.

    Indian: SDP 16 percent, Center 8 percent, Kokoumus 18 percent, RKP 9 percent, Christian Democrats 24 percent, Greens 25 percent, Left Alliance 22 percent, Basic Finns 9 percent.

    Barbecue: SDP 16 percent, Center 28 percent, Kokoumus 20 percent, RKP 11 percent, Christian Democrats 10 percent, Greens 9 percent, Left Alliance 10 percent, Basic Finns 27 percent.

    Finnish home cooking: SDP 46 percent, Center 59 percent, Kokoumus 33 percent, RKP 24 percent, Christian Democrats 43 percent, Greens 25 percent, Left Alliance 31 percent, Basic Finns 48 percent.

    The food barometer commissioned by Foodora investigated the food habits of Finns at the end of 2022. There were more than 3,000 respondents from all over the country, and they represented the Finnish population in terms of age and gender.