Now goes! Lauri Markkanen in a wild mood

Susigengi will face Cape Verde in the matches of the lower secondary series.

Lauri Markkase is required to succeed in the placement matches. Elle Laitila

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Susijeng’s season in the World Basketball Championships has been bumpy, as the result is three losses out of the three matches in the preliminary series and the last place in the preliminary series. Finland is no longer fighting for the world championship, but the matches still continue.

Susijengi continues in the placement match of the World Championships. Even in the ranking matches, big things are played for, when the bet is a place in the Olympic qualifiers. Finland would secure a qualifying spot with two wins in the play-off series, but even one win can be enough for a play-off spot.

Finland will face Cape Verde and Venezuela in the placement matches.

Iltalehti follows the match between Finland and Cape Verde in this article.

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