Now also social rate for internet: 19 euros per month | Domestic

The social internet offering is made in collaboration with the operators. “Proximus, VOO and Telenet will charge the new rates at their own expense,” Petra De Sutter explains. “The cost is 19 euros per month for fixed internet with a surfing speed of at least 30 megabits per second and download volume of 150 gigabytes. In addition, the operators offer a bundle with internet for 40 euros to which, for example, television or telephony can be added.” Those who are entitled to a social rate now receive a discount on television or telephony. That discount will disappear, and a bundle rate will take its place.

The entitled persons are persons with a serious disability, a small pension or a living wage. De Sutter wants everyone who is entitled to a cheaper rate to know about it. “We are therefore launching a campaign that makes it clear who is the rights holder. People will receive letters or, from March 18, can use a tool to check for themselves whether they are entitled to a social internet offer. The tool will be on the website With one click you will know whether you are eligible to surf the internet cheaper.”

Public Social Welfare Centers and other organizations that have contact with the target groups are also involved. Finally, Minister De Sutter advises everyone to surf to www.beste to compare prices there. “According to a study by the telecom watchdog BIPT, you can save more than 300 euros annually by comparing telecom rates.”