Rabobank found that many people moved to the countryside, especially during the corona crisis. “It was not so much necessary to live close to your work then,” says Rogier Aalders of Rabobank. “People worked more at home, so it didn’t really matter where you lived.” Recently, because of the high prices, according to Aalders, mainly young people have moved to the countryside.

    The relocations from the Randstad to the countryside are also causing higher house prices here, reports the Rabobank spokesman. “The demand for houses in rural areas is increasing and so prices are rising.”

    According to Aalders, we are indeed at a tipping point. “Prices are falling again and as a result it is slowly becoming more attractive for residents of the Randstad to stay in their own region.” According to him, the high energy prices may also play a role here. “A farm in Drenthe is of course beautiful, but you have to heat it up,” says Aalders, who does indicate that the effect of the high energy prices on the moving flows can only be properly measured later.