Not a single penny of debt – Last minute Trabzonspor news

Trabzonspor President Ertuğrul Doğan spoke in the program called Every Day Sports on Tivibu Spor. Stating that the 5-month presidential period was very difficult, Doğan said, “With the moves made so far, we have put approximately 80 million euros into the safe. We have paid all the retroactive player receivables and transfer fee debts to the clubs. We have closed all of them. The main reason for the collapse of last year’s system is the 4-year retirement of the players.” “Not getting a salary for 5 months, warnings, players’ release status, etc… Problems brought it to this point,” he said.


Doğan continued: “During the championship period, on the contrary, salaries were paid on the 1st of the month. We went through difficult times. If we had not been able to pay the money, we would have faced costs of 80-90 million euros. The players could have been released. We overcame these dangers. It was like a situation was on the edge of the cliff. “It is necessary to explain it correctly to the fans. There is no point in establishing a squad whose salaries I cannot pay. The end of that squad will be releases and costs due to salaries you cannot pay. Fans do not look at these things very much. If it were me, I would not look at them either,” he said.


Explaining that the work for the next transfer period is continuing, President Doğan said, “Two separate scenarios have been prepared for the half-time and end-of-season transfer period. Mr. İbrahim has now started to hold meetings with these players. As a result of our meetings with the coach, we are making plans on how to move the team forward.” “We have much more peace of mind now,” he said.


“Football the most in history major sponsorship from agreements one in our stadium we did. It’s ours again meeting in the phase we are, to serious places we brought sponsorship agreements There is also. new year in their heads we will put into operation topics there is.”


Years Referring to the championship won, President Doğan said, “There was a championship joy that had been longed for for years, and it developed spontaneously in the celebrations. We all saw together how people raised their children with the love of Trabzonspor. I think it is due to the fact that it is the biggest city team in the world. This is love and affection for us.” “No matter how you name it, Trabzonspor is truly a love for us,” he said.