Not a horse, but a pony in the hallway in Heemsteeds care center: “This is great”

Residents of the care center De Slot Tuinen in Heemstede were surprised this afternoon when two ponies suddenly walked through the corridor. The action came from the stuffed animal foundation and was supervised by Robine Talboo. “We have a poo scoop”

Horse in the hallway – NH News

The Knuffeldier Foundation visits residents of care centers with volunteers and their pets. “We do this in North and South Holland, but we hope to be able to arrange cuddle visits throughout the Netherlands,” says Fons Langemeijer of the foundation.


The elderly in the care center in Heemstede are pleasantly surprised. “I love it,” one of them said. “I have owned a pet store myself and I am a real animal lover.”

According to nurse Romee Olthof, it is good that the elderly are in contact with the animals. “We clearly see that people respond well to the ponies. It is very nice for them that this is being organised.”

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Michael van der Putten/NH Media

The organization is familiar with the stuffed animal foundation. “We’ve had dogs and cats here before, so we thought it was a great initiative to now let these ponies in,” says Olthof.


There is no fear that the animals will defecate on the floor. “We brought a very nice poop scoop and garbage bag,” says owner of the ponies Robine Talboo.

But the use of the poop scoop turned out not to be necessary. The two ponies have kept the floor neat and clean.