North Korea will expel American soldier Travis King from the country

North Korea will deport Travis King, the American soldier who illegally entered North Korea in July this year. This was written by the North Korean state agency KCNA Wednesday. It is still unclear when, how and where he will be deported. As far as we know, the 23-year-old soldier has not been heard or seen since his crossing.

King crossed the military demarcation line from South Korea to North Korea without permission during a tourist tour in South Korea in July. At the time, he was serving for a U.S. Army unit in South Korea. King said, according to KCNA, that he fled to North Korea “because he felt bad about inhumane mistreatment and racial discrimination within the U.S. military.” He is also said to be “disillusioned” with the “unequal American society.” It is impossible to verify whether he actually said this.

King was accused of assault twice in South Korea and allegedly vandalized a police car. Before that, he was stuck in South Korea for some time. He would then return to the United States for further disciplinary action. He was therefore taken to the airport on July 18, but he never boarded the plane to the US. After the security check, he went to the tour in South Korea, after which he entered North Korea.