Ski jumping at 5 p.m

    It is now up to the men to warm up and prepare for ski jumping. At 5:00 p.m. the ski jumping round of the combined athletes starts. We’ll get back to you on time. Until then!


    Narrow point distances

    The strong cross-country skiers can be found far in front, but they could not break away and so the advantage in later jumping is clearly with the better jumpers. Only ten points separate the first 30 athletes.


    Einkammer in the top ten

    Manuel Einkemmer used his good running form and settled into ninth position in the first part of the mass start. Lukas Greiderer finished 14th. Thomas Rettenegger finished 23rd, while newcomer Florian Kolb finished 27th. Franz-Josef Rehrl is 31 after the first part of the competition.


    Three DSV athletes in the top ten

    Three athletes from the German team made it into the top ten. The second best DSV combined athlete was Jakob Lange in seventh. Julian Schmid finished the cross-country skiing in tenth place and with only a few points behind he still has a lot of chances in the ski jumping round in the evening. Manuel Faißt is in 13th place. A good 17th place was achieved by David Mach. Terence Weber and Eric Frenzel should be less satisfied with their performance over the ten kilometers given their 25th and 26th place. Tristan Sommerfeldt was 34.


    Oftebro brothers take half-time lead

    Rießle and Einar Lurås Oftebro fight back and there is a tight finish in the stadium. Who can take the lead at half time? It’s Jens Lurås Oftebro! His older brother Einar Lurås is second. Behind comes Johannes Lamparter across the finish line. Fabian Riessle is also close in fourth. Alessandro Pittin grabs fifth place ahead of teammate Raffaele Buzzi.


    Lamparter blows the attack!

    Johannes Lamparter jumps forward on the climb, starts and now ensures that more gaps open up. Jens Lurås Oftebro follows him. Third is his brother Einar Lurås Oftebro, followed by Fabian Rießle, Alessandro Pittin and Julian Schmid.


    pressure increases

    The closer the goal gets, the greater the pressure in the leading group. Julian Schmid is in first position and will now try to throw a few more competitors out of the group.


    Fall in the stadium curve

    For the first time there is a fall in the narrow stadium curve. The athlete can get up again, but the group is gone now and it will be very difficult to run back!


    caught up with Hirvonen

    Hirvonen realizes it’s still too early and lets the group catch up just before the final lap. A good 30 athletes are still far ahead, it will be a hot fight over the last 2.8 kilometers.


    Pittin leads group

    With a lead of 3.3 seconds, Hirvonen goes through the timekeeping at 6.2 kilometers. Second is Alessandro Pittin, who will also try to get as many points as possible against the stronger jumpers. The first group also includes five DSV athletes and two Austrians.


    Hirvonen seeks happiness in flight

    Eero Hirvonen takes a risk! Shortly after halfway through the race, the Finn puts the pressure on and tries to break away from the group. But can he keep up the pace over the next five kilometers on his own?


    Frenzel and Sommerfeldt in the second group

    Eric Frenzel and Tristian Sommerfeldt are among those who have lost touch with the front. They can be found in the second group, a good four seconds behind the leading group.


    Riessle at the top

    Fabian Riessle is one of those who have to try to get rid of the stronger jumpers in cross-country skiing. The veteran in the German team goes to the front and takes over the pace work of the group. He can tear a small gap, but the leading group is still large.


    Franzel under pressure

    Among the athletes already coming under pressure is Eric Frenzel. He runs at the end of the huge group of almost 40 athletes. Five starters could no longer keep up.


    Lange pulls forward

    Jakob Lange pulls forward and takes the lead going into the second lap of the race. Many are still in the group. Only three athletes have traded a larger distance.


    Strong runners position themselves

    After 1.2 kilometers more and more of the stronger cross-country skiers start to position themselves at the front of the large group. Ilkka Herola fought her way through the money and Fabian Rießle also made up positions. Debutant Florian Kolb, who has worked his way up through the group, is also doing well in the Austrian team.


    Gråbak goes forward

    A few meters after the start, Gråbak goes forward and takes over the lead in the field. The field came through well in the narrow passages and there were no falls in the field.


    The race is on!

    The race has started and the athletes are heading out onto the track. You have to be careful for the first few meters in particular, because the curves in the stadium are quite tight.


    Six Austrians

    For the Austrians, the hopes should rest primarily on Johannes Lamparter and Franz-Josef Rehrl, where the other top stars are out. Thomas Rettenegger could also use the mass start. If he can keep up with the top runners, there is certainly still something possible from the hill. Lukas Greiderer, Manuel Einkemmer and Florian Kolb should aim for a good result in the top 30.


    The German team

    Despite the absence of Geiger and Rydzek, the German team traveled to Estonia with a large contingent. Julian Schmid in particular should figure something out from their ranks, who did well on the hill in the training sessions and in yesterday’s mixed team. For his part, Eric Frenzel found it more difficult and certainly needs distance in cross-country skiing in order to be able to do something on the hill. The same applies to Terence Weber and Manuel Faißt. Fabian Riessle and Jakob Lange are not doing as well as they would like in Otepää. David Mach and Tristan Sommerfeldt complete the team.


    Mass start on Saturday

    For the athletes, the mass start is first on Saturday, which is slowly being established again in the World Cup this season after years of almost only one competition format. First there is a ten kilometer run before the normal hill in the evening. At the first mass start, the field finished as a whole, now it will be interesting to see whether the fast runners will manage to pull away on the cross-country ski run in Otepää.


    Many top stars are missing

    The competition in Otepää takes place without a few top stars. World Cup leader Jarl Magnus Riiber did not travel to Estonia and it is still uncertain when the Norwegian star will be involved again. Riiber has been suffering from a stomach parasite for a few weeks and is still unable to train. Vinzenz Geiger and Johannes Rydzek got caught in the German team. Geiger is missing after a cold, Rydzek is missing due to a corona infection. With the Austrians Mario Seidl, Martin Fritz, Stefan Rettenegger and Christian Deuschl, four athletes are out.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to Otepää Men’s Nordic Combined! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the competition.