Norberto Marcos, the third in contention

When Norberto Marcos He ended his love story of more than 22 years with Fatima Florezshe never thought that, in less than a year, she would become the first lady of Argentina. And although her fame and natural talent would quickly make her one of the most coveted women in the country, her leap into the stratosphere of importance mobilized her ex so much that, in his first media forays, he appeared erratic, mysterious and disoriented.

To declare in the middle of the “Intruders” program that “every day I work to win her back” to Fátima, he went on to claim more than a million dollars cash in bank accounts for all his work as a producer, while confessing that “we started from the bottom, the road to the top was not easy at all, I always took care of her.” In the last week, after the shock of seeing her as the future first lady of Argentina, he launched a challenge: “In August let’s talk back and see how everything went. You’re going to see that we’re all going to be surprised.” It does not predict much future for the couple with Milei.

Beginnings. Norberto Marcos began his career in the media in the ’70s as a member of the group Cereza. As a musician he also participated in the group Pomada, but it was with Alejandro Romay on Channel 9 that he began his time as a television producer in the programs “Música en Libertad”, “Finalísima” and “Sábados de la salud”. In the latter he reconnected with music and associated himself with Carlos Gallego, mentor of Las Primas. When consulted by NOTICIAS, Marcos recalls: “The cousins In the ’80s he sold more than a million records. We had a group in Mexico, another in Spain and four different ones in Argentina. AND In 2000, we resumed the group and that’s where Fátima appeared. That cast was the one that toured Peru. I met her there but it wasn’t until three years later that we started dating.”

The time of Las Primas in Peru is a kind of Bermuda Triangle in the novel of Marcos and Fátima. Those close to him acknowledge in voiceover that it was not the luminous story that its protagonists tell, but quite the opposite; But Marcos himself assures that success approached them in the Inca land and never abandoned them again. “We finished with Las Primas in 2004 and I put together a duo called Las Che, with Fátima and another girl, with whom we returned to Peru, where Fátima already stayed working because she was very successful as a comedian and star.”

Marcos and Fátima formed a hermetic and resilient couple. Not even the intimate videos scandal could stop them. He dedicated himself to comedy completely and the results were positive. “Fátima was very jealous and didn’t want me to work with anyone but her. At first I did several things together, but she began to grow and required my full attention. We made a very good team together,” he acknowledges.

Regarding his current judicial situation, Marcos prefers not to speak: “Everything that is contractual is in the hands of my lawyers. But I think we will reach an agreement. Many years of coexistence and work. “It cannot be that third parties come to complicate our lives.”
Present. Currently, Marcos appears somewhere between enigmatic and haughty. He proudly recounts his war marks, “six stents and two bypasses,” and explains: “It’s the stress of show business. My last two years were not easy, but I am taking care of myself.”
Meanwhile, free of actions, he returned to the ring and was already seen celebrating his 65th birthday with Karen Salas Correa, his new friend, of whom he preferred not to give details, although it is known that he also belonged to the group Las Primas.

At the end of the talk, Marcos suddenly lowers the tone of the dispute with Milei: “I am apolitical. The only thing I want is for my country to do well. At this time I wish him a successful mandate and that he does not disappoint those who trusted him. If he does well, it does well for all of us.”

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