Nora Tschirner after allegations against Til Schweiger: an “absolutely open secret”

More and more filmmakers are showing solidarity and denouncing alleged abuses in the film industry – Til Schweiger in particular has come under criticism because he is said to have been drunk and violent on the set of “Manta Manta 2” in 2022. Now Nora Tschirner has also published an emotional video – she had worked with the actor and director on “Keinohrhasen” among other things and apparently noticed a lot that coincides with the latest allegations.

Nora Tschirner: “I’m not in the mood for it anymore”

Nora Tschirner has published a video on Instagram in which she comments on the reports that are currently circulating about Til Schweiger. She has just read an article and now has a “pulse beating like a hummingbird,” says the actress, because she has to agree with many of the accusations. There are conditions in the film industry “that are declared null and void by those responsible,” says Tschirner. For the industry, this has been “an absolutely open secret” for decades. And she emphasizes: “I’m not in the mood for it anymore.”

Apparently, Nora Tschirner was also shocked by how the open words of those involved were dealt with: “When you hear something like that and don’t even say: ‘We’ll take a closer look, we’ll get to the bottom of it’, but say: ‘No ‘Everything is cool’, and with that also ignores the courage of the people who, in their positions, can’t actually afford it at all, who are afraid to say their name and can’t afford to open a barrel – well that’s really taunting.”

In the video, Tschirner explains: “I’m not doing it anymore. If we don’t lay our hands on the cards as an industry when it comes to occupational health and safety, then at some point we’ll have to ask ourselves which side we were on when it came to the whole story.” Certainly, the actress deliberately doesn’t lean too far the window and does not name any names, so does not directly accuse Til Schweiger.

The complete video here:

Til Schweiger: Violent on the set?

Anonymously, Til Schweiger had been accused of being drunk and violent towards employees while filming “Manta Manta – Second Part”. He himself did not comment on the allegations, but let his lawyer speak. The facts are “not known” to him. “The Basic Law states that human dignity is inviolable. Not on the Til Schweiger sets,” quoted “Mirror” a person who has expressed criticism.