Nora Cortiñas: “Alberto and Cristina don’t invite me because I think differently”

“With Hebe de Bonafini we have been separated for many years, we belong to human rights organizations but we are independent of each other,” he began. Nora Cortinaswho marks having been fired from the acts of March 24.

Alberto Fernandez is taking the wrong path, we must govern by and for the people because we are going into an abyss where the symbol of poverty is the mark of the moment”, continues the founder of Mothers of Plaza de Mayoand denounces that they no longer listen to her in the Government.

“As my thoughts do not coincide with other groups of Mothers, when the invitation arrives to go to an interview with Alberto Fernández or Cristina Fernández, they don’t invite me because I think differently. But I have things to say and listen to, “she claimed.

“You have to have respect and stop manipulating something as serious as this march,” he referred to the inmate for control of the stage on March 24. “There’s a bid for a bunch of morons who is arguing. You can’t,” Cortiñas got angry, annoyed by the rift between the groups linked to Human Rights and their participation in internal politics.

The dispute of the cracks in an event like this is very expensive. We are still waiting for the files to be opened and the judges to tell these kids that they were handed over to unknown persons who they are. These dates belong to everyone, because they fought to ask for social justice”. he concluded she.

by RN

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