A truffle with coffee, hot chocolate from a chunk of melted chocolate on a wooden spoon or a delicious chocolate fondue: all these fine choices were on the menu of Chocolate Company (CHCO) in the Stadshart. But not anymore: the case is closed.

    Owner Susan Kemper survived the corona time with difficulty, but after seven years the CHCO café next to the Westward Passage has come to an end. On 4 January, this coffee shop was declared bankrupt by the court in The Hague.

    The coffee cafe is for sale

    A reader from the Zoetermeer neighborhood pointed out to our editors that it was eerily dark and quiet in the coffee and chocolate shop. The chairs are on the tables and the smell of coffee is missing in the shopping street.

    According to the Chocolate Company headquarters, the owner has retired and the coffee shop is for sale. Hopefully an enthusiastic entrepreneur will report to reopen CHCO, and we can enjoy a latte with a brownie or a nice lunch again.

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