No connection between disturbance and death of conductor, boys released

The police have found no connection between the disturbance in the train and the unwell and death of the conductor at Hilversum station on Sunday evening. The two boys, ages 15 and 16, were released yesterday.

The boys did receive a fine because they could not identify themselves and were fare-free on the train from Amsterdam to Amersfoort. The two Hilversummers were addressed that they could not show a valid ticket. That resulted in an altercation. Two other conductors came to help.

“There was some pushing and pulling during the disturbance,” the police said rather to NH Nieuws† One of the two boys was arrested at Hilversum station and the other boy was arrested at home. So they were released yesterday.

After the disturbance, the 62-year-old conductor from Hengelo sat down on a bench and became unwell. He was still resuscitated, but died on the platform. The man had worked for the Dutch Railways for forty years. Help has been arranged for next of kin and his immediate colleagues.