Nina Mikkonen published a dance video with her son – Some went crazy

Nina and Matias Mikkonen got excited to dance in their kitchen.

The biggest loser familiar from the program Nina Mikkonen59, entertains her social media followers with her Matias– with his son, 20.

Mikkonen has published a video on his Instagram account in which he dances in the kitchen with Matias. Mikkonen’s second son is sitting at the table behind Parivaljako Mikael21, who rubs his face after seeing his family members’ dance moves.

– Matias came from the army for vacation. We “polka” with the boy. For some reason, Mikael wasn’t excited to dance with us, the mother writes in her post.

If the link is not visible, you can view the publication from here.

The mother and son’s dance video has brightened up many of their Instagrams Tiktok-followers.

– You know how to entertain. Fun family.

– Lovely moves (Finnish movements)! It was the highlight of the evening. Oh, how nice it felt. You’re super dumb. You pull well!

– You’re lovely.

– You’re doing well.

– Mikael’s expression. You guys are amazing!

The two have charmed social media before with their joint antics. In July, Mikkonen published a picture of his son, in which he posed neatly wearing the uniform of the defense forces. At that time, many of Mikkonen’s social media followers said that Matias resembled his late father a lot Timo from TA Mikko.

– The same poise as his father, one praised.

– Looks like his father, one wrote.

The dance video of Nina Mikkonen and her son Matias made social media go crazy. Matti Matikainen