Nilüfer Gündogan back on TV three months after facial paralysis

Three months after appearing on television with facial paralysis, Nilüfer Gündogan looks a lot better again. “It hasn’t fully recovered yet, but it’s pretty good.”

© HLF8

The discredited former Volt politician Nilüfer Gündogan caused quite a shock three months ago by appearing at the HLF8 talk show table with facial paralysis. Many viewers were shocked. Last night she was on the same program, but with her regular facial features.

Very satisfied

Hélène Hendriks to the politician: “How are you?”

She: “A lot better.”

Hélène: “You looked like this the last time you were here. We’ve got that photo ready for a while. Back then I thought it was really cool that you were here, but you look really good.”

Nilüfer: “Yes, it has not fully recovered yet, but it has recovered quite a bit, so I am very satisfied, yes.”

‘Looks good’

Table guest Yesim Candan: “You look very good.”

Jack van Gelder: “Yes.”

Nilüfer: “Well, thank you.”

False allegations

The court today upheld Volt’s appeal against Nilüfer’s expulsion from the party. In addition, there is also a procedure on the merits, she told HLF8. How long will that take? “The estimate is two years.”

She wants satisfaction. “I have been accused of everything. False allegations, never a shred of evidence and yes: my whole reputation is just gone.”

Does she ever want to go back to Volt? “No, I don’t want that anymore. Absolutely not. But I want my name cleared.”