‘Nikkie Plessen is stingy, gives 20 cents (!) tip after a mega-expensive dinner’

What a strange thing it always is with Nikkie Plessen. Recently it was leaked that she freaked out because she had to pay for a 10 cent bag and now there is juice about a 20 cent tip…


Nikkie Plessen is undoubtedly one of the least liked experts on RTL Boulevard. Not only because she comes across as a bit haughty, but also because of her unsympathetic appearance and empty-headed items. From pink leggings to footwear with a loose big toe: it never really goes anywhere.

10 cent bag

Yet that woman is there every time. Why is that anyway? There have been persistent rumors for years that she herself pays for her appearance in the program, so that she, and therefore her clothing brand, remains somewhat urgent. She never actually talks about other topics; then she sits on her stool looking a bit grumpy.

Anyway: that Nikkie is perfect loaded through its clothing stores. She likes to parade her wealth in Amsterdam South. But chic? That’s another story. It all remains juice appear about her alleged stinginess. So recently about her tantrum over a 10 cent bag and now there is something again.

20 cent tip

What’s going on again? Yvonne Coldeweijer reports it to her juicechannel. “After an evening of luxurious dining with some friends in a restaurant with a bill of 1,999.80 euros, she turned it into 2,000 euros and said to my then fellow waiter: ‘Leave the change alone,’” says one of her spies.

Hey?! Does Nikkie have dyscalculia or does she tip even less than Mien from Assen? In any case, the waiter was quite offended after he and his colleagues had been showing off for her company all evening. “He took the 20 cents from the cash register with a straight face and put it on her plate.”

‘At Momo!’

Yvonne can’t believe her ears. “Hahahahaha. Which restaurant was this?”

Then the spy again: “Momo. It’s been a while… But I’ll never forget, what a stingy bastard! 😂”

Yvonne: “🤣”