Nijeveen stands up for Ukraine: Kolderveen youth building possible reception location

In the short term, Drenthe, like all other provinces in the Netherlands, must provide a thousand reception places for refugee Ukrainians. In the long run, this could be 2,000.

A group of residents of Nijeveen immediately put their heads together when this became known last Friday. “It started with the three church organizations, but now the entire community has risen,” says Anja Winters. Winters speaks on behalf of the organization ‘Nijeveen helps Ukraine’. “DOS’46, entrepreneurs and private individuals are now connected. “We really want to be able to do something and that we can do that with the entire village is fantastic. Nijeveen is ready,” she says emotionally.

Youth building Kolderveen rolled out as a possible reception location. “That proposal is now with the municipality of Meppel, because the permits such as fire safety must be in order, for example. That building can accommodate forty refugees with bunk beds, without bunk beds thirty refugees can stay.”

duo family

But not only a concrete reception location is in the picture, more and more families are also applying to serve as reception families. “There is a lot of enthusiasm for it in my street alone,” says Winters. “But it’s not just a decision you make. This shelter is probably necessary for a longer period of time.”

Winters came up with an idea to make it easier for foster families. “Duo families.; then you have another family on hand where the Ukraine refugees can go when the reception family wants some air. Only in this way can you last longer.” This initiative will be further developed in the near future.