Niina Kuhta suffered from prolonged symptoms of the coronavirus. After surviving them, life smiles thanks to the upcoming summer wedding and small puppies.

    Niina Kuhta owns a popular shop focused on evening and wedding dresses. Studio shipping company

    Niina Kuhta, an entrepreneur and known from reality TV shows, says that last summer 2022 was unlucky in terms of health. He got sick with the corona virus, which in his case lasted a long time and lasted a total of seven weeks.

    – After the disease itself, the voice was gone for up to five weeks, he updates.

    Since the illnesses happened in the summer, they largely took the holidays. After returning to work, the lack of sound brought its own challenges, but luckily it was possible to relax it during remote work.

    For the entrepreneur of a specialty shop for wedding and party dresses, the importance of the staff is emphasized due to their own health obstacles.

    – I have hired such skilled people to work that there was no problem.

    After recovering from the hoarseness of his voice, Kuhta says that he is otherwise fine. A year ago, she said that she suffered from chronic anemia and gynecological problems, which were finally controlled with a few surgeries.

    – Now I live a completely new, healthy life.

    In the summer of 2023, the wedding of Niina Kuhta and her fiance Jussi. PASI LEISMA

    Dogs and weddings

    Kuhta says that in addition to health, her life is also in shape. He took his fiancé Jussin with two small puppies. Coton de tuléar breeds Quick and Snow keep the family busy.

    – I have built a small shelter for them in the yard, where they can move around. I’m waiting for them to grow a little more so that they start to move me more, he laughs.

    With little puppies, everyday life is like babysitting. The couple takes turns at work and they take turns taking care of the dogs.

    In addition to the furry addition to the family, the winds of change are also blowing in the lives of Kuhta and her fiancé. They plan to get married in the summer of 2023 at St. John’s Church in Helsinki.

    The wedding is going to be big, as there will be up to 150 guests. Kuhta’s wedding dress and other clothes for the party will of course be purchased from our own store.

    – One more time to get married, he laughs.


    Niina Kuhta has been chosen as Miss Plus Size 2018. He also participated in the 2019 reality TV series Suorin pudottaja.

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