Floor Jansen’s cancer surgery was successful.

    Floor Jansen shared the good news. PDO

    Nightwish soloist Floor Jansen, 41, says in social media his cancer surgery was successful.

    – Great news! I don’t have cancer. The surgery removed everything related to the cancer and it has not spread. The radiotherapy starts in February, so that everything will definitely stay away, Floor Jansen rejoices.

    Jansen says he has regained his energy and is relieved that the operation was successful. He says that he is not yet 100 percent fit, but firmly believes that he will get strength from the gigs.

    Floor Jansen said in October that she had breast cancer. The prognosis was good at the time.

    The surgery was performed in October, shortly after the diagnosis.

    – The surgery went well and without surprises. I’m recovering well and soon I’ll be back on my feet, Jansen openly tells his followers.

    Jansen from the Netherlands is the third soloist of Nightwish. He joined the band in 2013.

    Nightwish’s European tour starts on Sunday in Antwerp, Belgium.