Nighttime fire causes damage to Alkmaar tennis hall, N510 open again

Around 2.40 am the fire brigade received a report of a fire breaking out at the tennis centre. The safety region late via the website know that a lot of smoke was released during the fire. “This blows towards the meadows behind,” it reads. At 3.30 am the fire brigade tried to ensure that the fire would not spread to surrounding halls.

Because several fire sources were difficult to reach, it took until 5.30 am before the ‘fire marshal’ signal could be given. That means the fire is under control. The safety region says that the fire brigade will continue to extinguish the fire for some time.

No one was injured in the fire. It is not yet entirely clear how extensive the damage is. “The complex has several connected halls,” a spokesperson for the safety region said. “It is not yet known in how many halls there is damage. It is still being investigated whether there is damage to the structure of the building.”

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