Night of few goals in the South American

05/06/2022 at 06:52


The young attacker Rwan entered in the second half and scored this Thursday the goal of the Santos win 0-1 from Brazil during his visit to Catholic University of Ecuador, with which Peixe was left in a closed bid with Unión La Calera for passage to the round of 16 of the South American Cup. Rwan came on in the 61st minute to replace the Ecuadorian Bryan Angulo, and in the 91st minute he got the goal after a lethal counterattack. The Chileans from La Calera have 8 points and Pelé’s team has 7, so both remained as the ones with the best option to define, two days from the end of the group stage, the Group C qualifier, since Universidad Católica He stayed with 4 and the Argentine Banfield, with 3.

The approach of the coach of Santos, the Argentine Fabián Bustos, ended up giving victory to a team that is in the process of adapting to its coach’s new style of play. The contenders managed to treat the ball well from the beginning of the match, touching it with precision and getting the movements right both to defend and to attack. There were few occasions in which they found the spaces to be able to finish off on goal and, in a special way, on the Ecuadorian goal.

The local attackers, who have the characteristic of pressuring the opposing defense, faced with Santos’ orderly defensive system, did not enjoy that freedom, nor did they have space to maneuver and score. The first approach to the goal was generated by Católica with a header from Facundo Martínez in the 42nd minute, but the ball escaped near the left post. Santos surprised in the first half with his game proposal, based on order and strength from his defense, precision in passes from midfield and good placement of his attackers, which neutralized the local intentions to impose their game.

For the second half, the Argentine team Fabián Bustos established two lines from the middle towards his frame, which Católica tried to take advantage of, since he began to generate danger with shots from outside the area. However, this proposal by Santos had the flexibility to come out playing, with a series of short and precise passes, which made the rival desperate, but not the opposing goalkeeper, Darwin Cuero. The attention and concentration of the Brazilian defenders was almost perfect to cross paths at the last moment and avoid the local’s final shot.

In the last 20 minutes of the match Universidad Católica increased its attacks, aimed shots from all distances, but none hit the Brazilian John’s goal. And the territorial and soccer dominance of the Ecuadorian team was of no use because Santos responded with three counterattacks, two of them failed, but the third was effective with the low and corner shot of the youth squad rwan.

Unión La Calera defeats Banfield at home and remains leader

The Chilean Unión La Calera defeated the Argentine Banfield this Thursday at home in the fourth day of group C and is the absolute leader of the area, with 8 points. At the Florencio Sola stadium in the city of Buenos Aires, La Calera prevailed with authority thanks to a Chilean goal by Argentine Sebastián Sáez, while the local team finished with ten players due to the expulsion of Ian Escobar due to the accumulation of two yellow cards.

Unión La Calera came out determined to seek victory and showed it from the first minute, although without depth and with shots from medium distance. The clearest of the first half had Lucas Passerini as the protagonist, first with a shot from medium distance that required the intervention of goalkeeper Enrique Bologna and then with a header that required a new response from the goalkeeper of Drill. At the start of the second half, Banfield seemed to wake up and, after an assist from Jeremías Perales, Agustín Urzi stayed in front of goalkeeper Ignacio Arce, but he did not have a forward reaction to score.

The locals grew in their game but always collided with the resistance of Arce, the great figure of the match who frustrated Banfield again and again, the clearest after a shot by Perales. And in the 76th minute the goal came with an acrobatic Chilean definition from the Argentine Sebastian Saez that left Bologna without possibilities.

On the next day, a Banfield team on the verge of elimination, with 3 points, will host the Ecuadorian Universidad Católica who have 4, while La Calera -with 8- will go for the round of 16 classification in their visit to Santos, which is second with 7 after his victory ‘in extremis’ by 0-1 in Quito.

Tables in Paraguay

Guaireña from Paraguay tied 1-1 against Internacional from Brazil and both continue as leaders of group E after playing their match on the fourth day at the Defensores del Chaco stadium in Asunción. Mario Otazú scored a penalty in the 33rd minute for the locals and Wanderson, in the 53rd minute, equalized the actions.

The Paraguayan team, led by Troadio Duarte, took the lead after taking advantage of the foul that the Chilean referee Christian Garay pointed out due to an action by defender Bruno Méndez. The front Otazu masterfully placed the ball to the side of the Brazilian goalkeeper Daniel.

At the beginning of the second half, those led by Mano Menezes found a hole in the defense of the Paraguayan city of Villarica and reached the goal defended by Rubén Escobar. Wandersonthe right winger of the Porto Alegre team, took advantage of the opportunity and sent the ball into the back of the net.

After the draw of the Colorado team, the Albicelestes were left with one man less, after the expulsion of Joel Giménez, at minute 53, for a foul against striker David. Guaireña resisted the onslaught of Inter, who tried to score against a confident Escobar and a solid defense from the man also known as The Greatest Insider.

The next match for the Paraguayan team will be on May 17 against Guayaquil on October 9, while the Brazilian team will host Deportivo Independiente Medellín that same day. The Colombian team is fourth in the standings, with four points, the same as on October 9. This Thursday’s game was played at the Defensores del Chaco stadium in Asunción, before some 5,000 people.

Sao Paulo stays one point away from the round of 16

Everton and Sao Paulo drew 0-0 this Thursday in a match of the fourth day of group D in which scoring chances were conspicuous by their absence although the local tried more. However, he was a victim of his lack of attack.

The tricolor from São Paulo jumped onto the grass of the Sausalito stadium with the peace of mind that the points advantage over his followers gave him and with the idea that everything he added was one more step in the fight for first place. Without some of their stars, whom coach Rogerio Ceni left in Brazil with his sights set on the Brasileirao, the tricolores barely hovered around the area of ​​the roulette players, who put more heart than head. They struck down the flank, moved the ball in the center of the field but only a couple of direct transitions left some concern in the frame defended by Jandrei, who did not need much fanfare to keep the goal clean.

In this dynamic, with the blue and gold slightly superior, came the controversy of the match: Miranda fell in a struggle and already on the ground the ball hit him in the arm, resting on the grass. The Everton players launched themselves against Fernando Rapallini, the Argentine referee of the match, but he understood that there was no will and ordered the game to continue. With this result, Sao Paulo remains in first position with 10 points, five more than Everton, which is second, and serves it with just one point in the remaining two games to ensure a classification that it has in hand.

Ayacucho and Wilstermann hurt each other

Ayacucho and Wilsterman They were injured this Thursday with a goalless draw that has sunk them into positions three and four in group D, and incidentally favored the interests of Sao Paulo and Everton at the end of the fourth day. The match played in the city of Cusco left the Peruvian team with 4 points out of a possible 12, and the Bolivian visitors at the bottom of the table with 2. With today’s 0-0 in Peruvian territory, the team led by Alejandro Apud was without much margin to look for a place in the round of 16 on the two final dates. And worse is the situation of Wilstermann.

Ayacucho received Jorge Wilsterman today at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium, located at an altitude of 3,362 meters, where the emotions remained for the next two days. Wilsterman had one of his best chances on goal with a shot from Colombian Humberto Osorio Botello from outside the box that was parried by goalkeeper Andy Vidal in the 27th minute. Vidal saved his goal on several occasions and needed some ice in his hand to alleviate a stomp in one of his saves. Uruguayan Cristian Techera and Sergio Barboza led Ayacucho’s attack on the field.

In the second part, both teams showed fatigue and anxiety about the result, although Ayacucho was more offensive looking to open the scoring, but with many difficulties to define. However, the Foxes failed to repeat the 0-2 win they achieved at their visit to the Wilsterman on April 14.

On the fifth and penultimate day of the group, Ayacucho will receive Everton on May 18. A day later the bottom Wilstermann will visit the leader Sao Paulo.

Union eliminates Oriente Petrolero

Santa Fe Union eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana Oil East by beating him for 2-0 and leave him without points at the end of the fourth day of group H, which now leads with eight, one more than those obtained by Junior and Fluminense. Mauro Luna Diale and Enzo Roldán converted the goals of the Argentine formation, which finished with ten players due to the expulsion of Claudio Corvalán in the 87th minute of the game.

Oriente Petrolero, forced today to ‘win or win’ to avoid early elimination, came out with the knife between his teeth, but the locals soon found the ‘open Sesame’ to keep the three points. In the 12th minute a cross from Emanuel Brítez found Mauro Luna Diale in an ideal position to score the provisional 1-0. The people from Santa Fe were able to expand with options for Mariano Peralta Bauer and Enzo Roldán, but the lack of precision did not allow them to increase their advantage, while Oriente Petrolero wasted an option with Alexis Ribera.

At the beginning of the second half Unión was able to increase, but Kevin Zenón was not fine to capitalize on the assistance of Jonathan Álvez. The locals put the icing on the cake with a header from Enzo Roldan in the 56th minute. Three minutes later Luna Diale pushed the ball into the back of the net, but Chilean judge José Cabrero annulled it for offside.

Three minutes from the end, Claudio Corvalán received a second yellow card and was sent off, but the die was cast and Union’s victory was sealed. With this victory, Unión reaches the penultimate day as leader, where it will host the Brazilian Fluminense on May 19, while Oriente Petrolero will visit Júnior in Barranquilla that same day.