Leaving Las Vegas director Mike Figgis has shared a wild claim that he and Nicolas Cage missed out on the Oscar-winning film.

    Nicolas Cage is a globally known American actor. PDO

    Actor Nicolas Cage In 1996, he won the only Oscar of his career so far for the movie Leaving Las Vegas. Now a film director and screenwriter Mike Figgis has made strong claims that neither he nor Cage were paid for the film.

    Figgs said It Happened in Hollywood -podcast, that he was left licking his fingers from his agreed-upon reward of a fair 100,000 euros.

    – Their explanation was that the film never produced anything.

    The film was financed by Lumiere Pictures, which has since gone out of business. According to a US source, the film generated a good 32 million euros at the box office. In addition, the film won many important awards in the film industry.

    Michael “Mike” Figgis is an American film director. PDO

    Now Figgis doesn’t actually take the money for himself anymore.

    – Whatever. My career took off from this movie, so I got paid really well for my next movie. And a year from now, Nicolas netted a good 20 million per film.

    Cage was once one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors until he ran into a whopping $14 million in tax debt. In order to pay off his debts, Cage, who is struggling, agreed to act in several films classified as bad.

    Source: New York Post