Nick Schilder suddenly becomes an expert in Boulevard: ‘Three steps back’

A striking debut: Nick Schilder has suddenly appeared as a music expert at the desk of RTL Boulevard. Useful media exposure or not? “No, this is three steps back.”


Luuk Ikink and his friends have decided to add a new music expert to the RTL Boulevard team, none other than Nick Schilder. The singer, dismissed by Simon Keizer, now makes solo songs and with that expertise he was able to say something about the continued success of ABBA last night.

Nick plays hooks

Nick explains to viewers that ABBA have certain ‘trademarks’ in their songs, so that you immediately recognize a song from them. “You brought your guitar. Take us into that Waterloo. There are all kinds there hooks in, huh?”, Luuk then says.

And there Nick shows his distinctive ability as a music expert: he can give live examples with his guitar. “Yes, hooks are musical accents that enter your brain and never leave. They were really brilliant at that,” says the singer, who then plays a few of those hooks.

Three steps back

Jef Willemsen, media editor of De Telegraaf, is not enthusiastic. “Less than a year after Nick & Simon stopped, Nick is the new music expert of RTL Boulevard 🥲,” he writes in surprise. X.

“Good for its visibility, useful for free promotion… But wouldn’t it feel a bit like taking three steps back after all those big TV shows and your own musical reality series?”

Stay relevant

TV viewer Lianne thinks that it will not have a negative effect on Nick. “Staying relevant is less bad than taking three steps back. It could also have been Show News… or Time for MAX.”

Els doesn’t have a problem with it either. “Oh well, it pays for groceries between shows. At least he can do something.”