“Nice cups in that mug” – Some went wild for Katie Price’s picture

Katie’s picture quickly gathered hundreds of comments.

Katie Price shuddered with her picture. Brett Cove, ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

British media personality Katie Price’s social media followers rushed to comment on her pregnancy Instagram sharing.

In the photo, Katie is smiling with her white teeth shining. If the eye wanders a little lower than the face, it will probably be fixed on the coffee mug in Katie’s hand.

The mug has a picture of Katie without the string around it. Katie’s breasts play a very prominent role. Price got her first breast implants in 1998, and has already had 16 breast surgeries.

Price has said that he wants Britain’s largest breastplate.

Some like hunchback

Some audiences express their opinions in the publication’s comment field, which Price has chosen to leave open – to the surprise of the audience as well.

The picture published on Thursday has gathered hundreds of comments.

– I don’t know why he allows comments, people tear him to shreds, one of the commenters worries.

Some of the commenters really like the hunchback.

– Do your kids really need to see this?

– Imagine if she hadn’t been so vain… She would still be as beautiful as her daughter is!

– Totally spoiled himself.

– Do you have to sit like that?

– I bet her kids enjoy looking at that mug while trying to eat their cereal.

“I love this”

Of course, the picture that has collected nearly 7,000 likes also has its admirers.

Many of the commenters would like a similar mug for themselves.

Katie’s picture is described as “nice”, “iconic” and “gorgeous”.

– I love this, one says.

One user’s comment summarizes the feelings of many commenters.

– Nice cups in that mug.

Katie’s body

There are also those in the comment field who want to rip off Katie’s breasts who are nervous.

– Good heavens, these comments are terrible. Katie, it’s your body, your face, your life. You do what you want. Why do people think they should advise you! His children love and adore him, that’s all that matters. Katie, your heart is gold!

– The negative comments from all these sad, insecure, unhappy women are embarrassing. Women who are content and happy in their own skins never step on other women, and if they don’t like something they see, they just mind their own damn business. Grow up and focus on solving your own insecurities. Good women lift other women up, not tear them to pieces. Pathetic, people.