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    New country, new league, new life – Munich-based JJ Peterka is taking off in the North American professional ice hockey league, the NHL. The 20-year-old is now a regular at the Buffalo Sabers.

    John Jason Peterka has played all 35 games of the season for the Buffalo Sabers this season. The 20-year-old from Munich is gradually getting used to playing in the best ice hockey league in the world: “It’s getting routine,” says Peterka after three months. “In the beginning I still couldn’t believe it when I got to the stadium in the morning.”

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    In fact, Peterka’s development is remarkable: last season he was only allowed to play in two games for the Sabers. The rest of the time he was on the Sabers’ farm team in the second-tier American Hockey League (AHL).

    Seven goals, ten assists and praise from the coach

    But he is grateful for this time, as he was able to gain important experience. When he came to training camp in the fall, he was ready to make the leap. In the first game, Peterka scored promptly. He now has seven goals and ten assists – for his coach Don Granato this is just the beginning: “JJ is a dynamic, determined boy. He plays and trains hard, but he can do a lot better because he has so much talent.”

    Peterka also maintains contacts in his home country and with his former club in Munich in the USA. Everyday life on an NHL team, he says, can no longer be compared to that in Munich. “You get around a lot on away trips and you get some rest.” That’s how it is in a new country, in a new league.

    Source: BR24 Sports
    01/03/2023 – 10:55 am