A smoke-free future is achieved through actions and transparent communication

For example, Edelman, a company dedicated to global communication, prepares every year the “Trust Barometer”, a report that studies precisely that. From the last edition, 2022, they highlight how companies have positioned themselves in “a new role as agents of change”, and how for the first time they have become competent and ethical institutions, since they are capable of responding to the needs of consumers.

Transparency and scientific study are the foundation on which trust is built, a vital aspect for companies like Philip Morris, which ensures that “the company understands the need to continue building legitimacy and trust by being honest, respectful, fair and transparent and aligning actions with words in all areas of your business.”

Maintaining the trust of society is only achieved based on work and real facts. And currently, the population faces different challenges such as maintaining support in aspects as important as the scientific community. And this same scenario is the one in which companies from all sectors carry out their activity.

beyond the smoke

Although Philip Morris International is widely known as a cigarette company, in 2016 it announced its new purpose: to deliver a smoke-free future by focusing its resources on developing, scientifically substantiating, and responsibly marketing smoke-free products that are less harmful than smoking, with the objective of completely replacing cigarettes as soon as possible.