The NHL executive held its annual press conference before the start of the Stanley Cup final.

    NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman spoke at his annual press conference about the future of the NHL. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

    Under the Stanley Cup Finals, an NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly held a press conference.

    The start of next season’s NHL regular season was announced at the press conference. The opening disc will drop into the ice on October 11th. The match program for the entire regular season will be announced in early July.

    The NHL boss team also revealed its attitude towards the Russian players who will play in the Stanley Cup finals. One traditional way, at least for now, is to ban Russian Stanley Cup winners.

    Namely, the Stanley Cup trophy will not be released on the other side of the eastern border of Finland.

    A No. 1 striker from the Russians is hockeyed in Colorado Valeri Nitshushkin. There are more Russian star players in Tampa Bay. Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevski and Mikhail Sergachov have recycled in Russia in the previous two years.

    – We are in debt (to the Russians) for the future of Stanley Cup, but it will not happen this summer, Daly announced at a press conference.

    The NHL made a huge profit

    Bettman declared the current season a financial record for the NHL. He cautiously estimates that the league generated $ 5.2 billion in revenue.

    The money came especially from a new TV deal with ESPN and TNT. Getting fans back into the arenas and inflation also helped achieve record revenue.

    The effects of the coronary pandemic are still weighing in on the NHL’s coffers, so the wage ceiling will rise to just one million next year. According to Bettman, after a few years, the wage ceiling will start to rise at a normal pace.

    Upper and lower body injuries

    Bettors have hoped more injuries to NHL players will be reported. To date, the league has reportedly reported injuries as upper and lower body injuries.

    – The terms have come to stay. We have to put our betting partner in a secondary position for the health and safety of our players, Daly outlined.