NFL: Voices for Super Bowl 58

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again Super Bowl champions: In order to take their place on the NFL throne, the Chiefs had to survive a tough season and start another comeback in the final. In the meantime, the nerves on the defending champions’ bench were so frayed that tight end Travis Kelce clashed with head coach Andy Reid. Both spoke out in the aftermath of this incident.

“He caught me off guard,” said Reid, who suggested the incident was less serious than it looked: “I wasn’t paying attention. He really came across [und sagte]’Just put me in, I’ll score. I’ll score.’ That was really it. I love this. This isn’t the first time. I really appreciate him,” said the head coach.

“What I like is that he loves the game and wants to help his team win. That’s not a selfish thing. That’s not it. I understand that. As much as he clashes with me, I have his back and we understand “That. He just threw me off balance at that moment,” Reid concludes the topic.

Kelce, meanwhile, admitted his emotions got the better of him.

“I don’t care about my catches,” he said. “I just wanted… I wanted the result to be different. Coach asked us to give our opinion and I just wanted to show him how much passion I have for this team.”

“He’s one of the best leaders I’ve ever seen in my life. And he helped me a lot in channeling those emotions, channeling that passion. I owe him my entire career and the ability to control my emotions. I just love him,” Kelce said.

“I know this is one of the greatest teams of all time to win twice,” Kelce said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing three times now, and it gets sweeter each time. You can call us a dynasty. You can call us whatever you want. I know that what we have is special is something you’ve never seen before in the NFL.”

NFL: Mahomes on par with Brady and Montana

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has burnished his own legacy, becoming the only quarterback after Tom Brady and Joe Montana to win three Super Bowl titles and two regular-season MVP awards.

Afterwards, he was only interested in talking about his team’s place in history.

“I hope people remember not only the greatness we have on the field, but also the way we did it,” he said. “I feel like we enjoy it every single day. We have fun, we play hard and it’s not always pretty, but we fight until the end.”

“I know that [einige Fans] sometimes get tired when a team wins, but we try to enjoy it. Just enjoying the moment we have together and enjoying what we can do every single day to be the best we can be.”

NFL: Pure disappointment at the 49ers

Meanwhile, for the second time in four years, San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan walked into a dead quiet locker room and had the difficult task of finding the right words to comfort a team that had gotten so close to the top of the NFL , only to fail again.

“There’s not much to say,” Shanahan explained. “I don’t care how you lose. When you lose a Super Bowl, especially when you think you can win it, it hurts. But I think when you’re in the NFL, it should hurt every team, except for one at the end. We were damn close, but we didn’t make it, and that hurts us now.”

Meanwhile, Shanahan was satisfied with the coaching of himself and his staff:

“I can’t live with it when I do things that I didn’t plan or didn’t do and question myself,” said the head coach. “I’m proud of what we did today as a coaching staff and as players because we worked hard and did everything we set out to do. We just didn’t get it done.”

Of course, his players were also bitterly disappointed.

“We’ve been so close so many times that we’ll only have so many opportunities left,” says defensive end Nick Bosa, another of a limited number of opportunities wasted.

Meanwhile, Christian McCaffrey was heartbroken. The running back carried his team throughout the season, but in the decisive game he made an unusual mistake when he fumbled the ball early in the game.

“The first thing I think is I can’t lose the ball on the first drive,” McCaffrey said. “This is going to hurt. Blame it on me.”

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk was equally disappointed but still fighting:

“It’s hard to go on the biggest stage in the world and suffer defeat and deal with it,” said the veteran: “It’s not easy, but we will never turn away from it and never give in.”