NFL quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before a big change

The Las Vegas Raiders have landed a Big Fish in free agency, signing NFL star Jimmy Garoppolo. However, the quarterback could only have been brought in as a teacher for his successor.

In the upcoming NFL Draft, the Raiders get to pick a collegiate talent seventh overall. When they get their chance, at least one of the highly traded quarterbacks should still be in the drawing.

Meanwhile, the Tankathon platform assumes that Las Vegas will pick Will Levis in the first round. In addition to the former Kentucky Wildcats playmaker, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson are also traded as potential top ten picks.

However, ESPN writer Jordan Reid also associates the Raiders with Levis. “Levis has all the physical qualities required for the position and McDaniels is the ideal man to support his development.”

The Nevada franchise could target Levis because, for one, Garoppolo is very injury-prone. On the other hand, he has the image of a playmaker who only performs well when he has excellent teammates.

NFL star cashes in Sin City

Jimmy Garoppolo may only be marginally interested in the hustle and bustle surrounding Levis. The playcaller was released by the San Francisco 49ers at the end of the season and will be happy to have found a new home so quickly.

Especially since the 31-year-old is once again reaping the benefits of his probably last big contract. According to ESPN, he signed a three-year deal in Las Vegas that will make him $67.5 million richer. 34 million dollars are even guaranteed.

Despite all the criticism he received, the Raiders signed Garoppolo, a solid quarterback who has an impressive record of 40:17 as a starter. He also knows head coach Josh McDaniels very well from their days together with the New England Patriots.