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On Saturday the 16th, the BZRP Music Session 52the song you recorded Bizarre with Quevedo, was at the top of the ranking of the Spotify platform. And what does this news mean? That the 23-year-old Argentine music producer managed to get his song heard all over the planet. But not only that, but he broke all records in just minutes: half an hour after publishing his new material, the video on YouTube reached a million views. And, at press time, the number was close to 66 million. Despite the fact that his name has already crossed generational limits and settled in the mainstream, it is still difficult to understand the reasons for this national phenomenon that is closely watched by artists from all over the world.

The BZRP Sessions are collaborations between the producer and an artist of the urban genre. And the slogan that he proposes Bizarre, until now, is infallible: he composes the instrumental song and the guest singer a letter. Everything must be done in a matter of hours. The first was with the rapper Indra Bhalawan, better known as “Bhavi” among his followers, and the list multiplied by dozens. The last one, number 52, exploded in a matter of minutes, but it is not an unknown success for the producer.

Throughout his very brief career, which began in 2018, Julian Count (his real name), managed to earn the respect of his own and others. Bizarre is today one of the greatest references of urban music in Spanish and one of the protagonists of the Latin American trap scene.

The sessions

Bizarre knows the language 21st century business. The session with Quevedo He announced it with a campaign in a fast food house. With one of the combos, customers got a doll of the producer that played a few seconds of the song when a button was pressed. In addition, he was giving his followers clues about what the song was like on the networks: “She approached little by little and I asked her to dance,” she wrote in a comment.

The announcement that his collaborator would be Quevedo raised all expectations. The artist is one of the latest revelations on the Spanish music scene and, like his Argentine counterpart, his career exploded in record time. At just 20 years old, he began his career in 2020. One of his last songs was “Si Quiero Frontear”, a collaboration with Duki and De la Ghetto which has already exceeded 50 million views on YouTube.

Bizarrap’s songs, which have a relatively low profile compared to their level of exposure, also hold mysteries. Every time he uploads a new topic, he publishes it with the corresponding session number. However, over time there were some that were “missing”.

For example, for a long time it was not known why the sessions jumped from 22 to 24 and later it became known that the collaborator on that topic was Paul London. But the recording was postponed for more than two years due to the legal conflicts of the Cordovan with his record company over copyright. When it finally came to light, in April 2022, it was located in minutes in the “Top 30 of Argentina” on Spotify and in just two days it was the second most played song globally.

Session 42 has not yet been released and it is not known who it was held with. In any case, true to his style, in number 48 he fed the fantasies. On that topic, the ragpicker Thiago PZK says: “Ours is a secret Biza Session 23”.

Among the invited artists there is a wide range of proposals. Number 38, with Nathy Peluso, is so far the one that has been heard the most times. The song has already surpassed 300 million views. With L-Ghent the figure is 275 million and with Resident 115 million. All of them, with the young Bizarre in the background that barely shows his face, they are the voices that today are reaching the new generations and it seems that the producer gives them a slogan: they have to say and provoke with their lyrics. In no case, neither the most nor the least successful, go unnoticed.


Bizarre He was born in 1998 in Ramos Mejía and got into the music industry in a self-taught way: he started when he was around 18 years old, uploading Argentine freestyle battles to the web with editions and mixes.

One of the few interviews he gave to a media outlet was to the newspaper El País in Spain, a country where they follow in his footsteps. “At first he edited rap battle videos. But when I started with the sessions, the visits increased. And with Nicky Nicole’s, everything exploded: she was the most listened to in Argentina. I looked at the Spotify top 200 and there were 11 songs of mine. I investigated and there was no precedent. There I said to myself: ‘Well, that’s it, I have to dedicate myself to this full time. Because if I’m dedicating a third of my time to it, imagine if I give it the whole day’. So we get to what is happening now, ”she said on that occasion. Since he made that decision, he began to earn the respect of the most established artists in Argentina to the point that Indio Solari himself authorized him to play “Jijiji” at the last Lollapalooza.

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