★★★1/2 Based on a true story: Noblex launched a campaign in 2018 that said that if Argentina did not qualify for the World Cup, they would return the money to their television buyers. The story in the film is that of the manager who came up with this quixotic (a very good job by Leonardo Sbaraglia, with muted humor, perfect as the middle-aged guy who hides a passionate madman) and how everything turns out. endangers when the Selection was about to be left out. We already know how the matter ended, but Winograd’s expertise consists in making us forget about that detail and that the tension remains. But the most interesting thing is, the idea that we all hide an adventurer in our personality. A type of hero who, on the other hand, is not without irresponsibility (and in that above all he is very Argentine). The balance between the characters is perfect (Peterson and Luque are at a great level) and Winograd makes you smile again by combining comedy and suspense.

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