Politics and 2023. One of the first decisions that were made after the attack was to decree a holiday the following day, something that fell ill in the opposition, but that in Peronism was read as an intelligent move. Without that holiday and the call to march to May Plazathe followers of the boss, Cristina Kirchner, they would have repeated the dangerous mobilization in Recoleta, so the official measure helped decompress. On the other hand, the act of the holiday ordered the Peronist movement, which came out to ask for peace and democracy, but also for CFK. In addition, the Merlo event that was scheduled for Saturday the 3rd was suspended, as well as a strike by the CGT that had been announced on television. Sergio Palazzo, from Banking, and Pablo Moyanoof Truckers. After the attack, everything else could wait.

    Before the Bersa who did not fire, the Road Cause that processes the Prosecutor Diego Luciani had already enlisted the front of all behind her now undisputed boss. Fernando Sabag Montiel It only deepened that trend. If the candidate CFK trial balloon in 2023 was already sounding strong in recent weeks, now the effect is multiplied. The next will be a year of renewal for the Kirchners. Both Cristina’s and Máximo’s banks expire on December 10. What will they become? Maximo Kirchner He is a deputy for the province of Buenos Aires and presides over the Buenos Aires PJ, although he lived most of his life in holy cross and Today he resides in Capital. Her mother, for her part, has a minimum and a maximum option. The minimum: lead a legislative ballot in the Province that renews the privileges and attracts votes for the re-election of the allied governor, Axel Kicillof. The maximum bet: run again for the Presidency, especially if on the other side emerges the figure of Mauricio Macri as a possible contender. It is the crack superclassic.

    But, what would a CFK campaign look like in the new context of extreme security that surrounds it after the attack? It is difficult to imagine even for those closest to the boss, who fear her spontaneous way of mixing with the militancy, something not recommended after what happened. Proselytizing surrounded by custodians is her way, and she can deliver unusual postcards.

    Numbers. One of the main drawbacks faced Cristina Kirchner facing a possible candidacy is his high negative image in the various surveys that circulate among businessmen and also in the Government, a fact that the attack did not modify, contrary to what could be expected. There was no – or at least the polls do not record it – a “solidarity effect” that would increase the popularity of the vice president. the consultant Threepointzero by Shila Vilker conducted a survey on post-attack perceptions and the conclusions showed that the crack continues to take over public opinion. One question asked: “After the fact, does the image you have of Cristina continue to be just as good, just as bad, did it get better or worse?” For 19.7 percent “it is still just as well”, for 16.9% “it is still just as bad”, for 11.2% “it has improved” and for 45.3% “it has worsened”. 6.9% say that they “do not know”. Cristina and her entourage expected more empathy.

    Sheltered among her team of guards, with rethinking her security and weekend getaways to fields far from the public eye, CFK begins a new life. What goes through your head after an episode as serious as the black night of Thursday the 1st? Does it motivate her for what is to come or, on the contrary, does it sow questions in her relationship with the citizenry? One thing is for sure: if all else fails, if the guards again fail to arrive on time and threats continue to lurk, the boss believes she has magical protection. Divine, rather. It is the rosary that Pope Francis gave her in 2013 and that she wore on Friday the 2nd, when he showed his face after the scare. Religious as she is, she is convinced that Jorge Bergoglio’s little protective chain helped her, a few hours before, in the most dangerous moment of her life. Matter of faith.

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