Since she was 21 years old, life coach Victoria Fiorini, based in Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, has been working with companies in her role as a Public Accountant, and although she thought that this was her goal, over time she realized that her true purpose was another. “All these years that I have spent working with many people have helped me discover my passion: helping them transform themselves and thereby transform their lives. That is why I entered the world of coaching and personal growth. I am convinced that for our lives to change on the “outside”, we must first start “on the inside”, and that everything comes together at one point: discovering our purpose and getting down to work working on it”, says Victoria.

    – What is life coaching?

    Coaching is training in the design of BEING and DOING. In coaching we are interested in the BEING that each one IS at a given moment, in order to learn to redesign it and, in this way, also redesign our actions. Many times this discipline is related only to companies, professionals or groups, but there is also a branch that is Life Coaching or life coaching, which is where I currently work. As a coach I accompany all those people who want to discover themselves and achieve better performance in certain areas of their lives. Through a zoom session, and using powerful questions and tools, reflect on what kind of observer you are being, facilitating learning, opening new possibilities, accessing different results in life. This discipline is for EVERYONE and in my opinion, EVERYONE needs a coach, who asks us those uncomfortable questions, who challenges us without judging us, with love and listening, who leads us to achieve our objectives and goals. The results are often seen from the first session.

    – How did coaching work in your life?

    The first thing I can say is that I gained freedom. I freed myself from many beliefs that paralyzed me and I didn’t realize it. I also learned that I couldn’t control everything that was happening around me, but I could discover what was happening inside me, listen to myself, accept and choose what attitude to take, because something good could result from every process. And so, little by little, I was changing my reactions for choices. That’s why I always like to emphasize that we can choose what life we ​​want to live. I discovered many super powers that I had inside me and I learned to use them! I learned to express my gratitude, to use my words, the power of forgiveness, acknowledgment and, above all, to express my feelings and manage my emotions.

    – In what way influence, for better or for worse, the experiences lived?

    Instead of defining it as good or bad, I would say that we have two powerful forces within us. One that leads us to repeat what we already know and have learned in the past, and it is useful, because all that learning, if it is useful for what we are going to do today, is path gained; but, many times we keep repeating and doing things that no longer serve us for this time and without realizing it we tie ourselves to issues that are no longer useful and that become harmful and are no longer aligned with my new goal. If instead we use the creative force, it leads us to try new things, to a new space where I have never been, new paths, new ways, another energy. There are people who love being in this magical area! And it is not that one force is better than another, they simply coexist and we can balance them. Taking what serves us from the past, without losing it, and generating coaching spaces to discover new paths, transfer our fears. That to me is bravery. I immensely value all those who are brave to improve themselves and evolve in life.

    – What does the progress of each person depend on?

    From my point of view, it depends on believing in yourself, having so much faith in yourself, in your history, in everything you are going to do with your life, that there is no other choice but to come true. Faith is certainty of what is expected, and conviction of what is not seen. This phrase is one of my favorites!: listening to each other to take each step consistently and wisely.

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