Newly renovated Loosdrechtse Plassen jetty burned down, tens of thousands of euros in damage

Little is left of the jetty on the island of Geitekaai in the Loosdrechtse Plassen. A few days ago, this jetty was largely burnt down, most likely due to arson. The municipality estimates the damage at least 70,000 euros.

The fire was seen by local residents on Monday evening last week. The fire was out later in the evening, but the next morning flames erupted from the jetty. It is suspected that people have slept on the island or that the arsonists have returned.

Jetty had just been renovated

The fire on the jetty is extra sour because the jetty had just been renovated. For example, the jetty was fitted with a new plastic deck.

Municipal employees have had their hands full with the fire. After the fire, as much floating remains of melted plastic as possible had to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent this from polluting the environment. That has largely succeeded, but not everything is gone. The municipality still speaks of ‘major environmental damage’.

The remains of the jetty have been removed by the municipality for safety.