New Ukrainian army chief speaks of “extremely difficult” situation on the eastern front | War Ukraine and Russia

updateThe new commander of the Ukrainian army Oleksandr Syrsky and the Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov visited the most difficult areas of the eastern front. They call the situation on the ground “extremely complex and tense”.

“The operational situation is extremely difficult and tense. The Russian occupiers continue to increase their efforts and outnumber the Ukrainian forces,” Syrsky wrote on the Telegram messaging service.

Ukraine is struggling to replenish its military ranks and US military aid, which the country needs to counter the Russians, remains blocked.

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We are taking all possible measures to minimize our losses and save the lives of our soldiers

Oleksandr Syrsky

“We are doing everything we can to prevent the enemy from advancing on our territory and to hold our positions,” Syrsky emphasized. “We are taking all possible measures to minimize our losses and save the lives of our soldiers.”

“The Russian air force uses guided bombs on a large scale and Ukrainian positions are constantly bombarded by Russian artillery,” he explains.

The Ukrainian units are in danger of being surrounded. Nearly 1,000 civilians are reportedly still holding out in the badly destroyed industrial city in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, where Ukraine has been fending off a Russian invasion for almost two years. Russia controls almost a fifth of Ukraine’s territory, including the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea, which it annexed in 2014.

“Most experienced general in Ukraine”

Volodymyr Zelensky previously described the new army chief as “the most experienced general in Ukraine.” He pointed out that Syrsky was in command of Kiev’s defense almost two years ago, at the beginning of the Russian invasion. He also led the counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region in the fall of 2022.

After his appointment, the Ukrainian president immediately instructed Syrsky to draw up a “realistic” battle plan against Russia for the rest of the year “that takes into account the real situation on the battlefield and the prospects for the future.”

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