The shelling between the Israeli army and Palestinian militias continues on Saturday morning, international media reported. According to Al Jazeera at least one person died. The Israeli army is said to have arrested 19 members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

    Attacks on Friday injured 79 people and killed at least 11, according to the Palestinian health ministry. According to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a senior commander of the group was killed in the attacks. The Israeli army says Palestinian militias have now fired at least 160 rockets across the border, Reuters news agency reported. Some are said to have reached deep into Israel, near central Tel Aviv. Most of the missiles have been intercepted, according to the army. A few people were slightly injured.

    An envoy of the United Nations says ‘seriously concerned’ about the escalating violence in the Gaza Strip. The escalation of violence is “very dangerous,” he says. After the 11-day war in May last year, progress has been made in partially opening the Gaza Strip. It is now in danger of being undone. He fears that this will lead to an even greater need for humanitarian aid, which will now be “not easily” available.

    On Friday, the Israeli army launched airstrikes in the Gaza Strip over a “immediate threat” from Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Tensions have risen again this week after the Israeli military arrested a leader of the group. Images circulated by Israeli media would show that he suffered injuries as a result of the arrest. Palestinian Islamic Jihad responded by warning its fighters, after which the Israeli army sent military reinforcements to the border and closed off surrounding roads.