New season, new class: RC Hilversum shows resilience despite financial dip

Record champion RC Hilversum has voluntarily chosen to play in the second division this season. “The sponsorship money decreased. Fortunately, we have a reserve, but it is not deep enough to finance a team. We therefore decided to compete in the second division,” says Hilversum chairman Raymond van Diessen.

Record champion RC Hilversum starts the season voluntarily in the second division – NH News

Without foreign players, RC Hilversum started the competition last Sunday. Led by player and coach Mike Barten, RC Hilversum defeated the second team of Castricum 35-12. “A lot has happened at our club. It’s a thrill that we can win like this,” says Joost Besamusca afterwards.

“I’ve been playing here since I was four and it concerns me when things don’t go well at the club.”

RC Hilversum player Mike Barten

Heavy weather

RC Hilversum is therefore taking a significant step back. Club members Raymond van Diessen and Mike Barten also saw this and supported it. “I have been playing here since I was four and it concerns me when things are not going well at the club,” says Barten. The Hilversum player hopes that players who left the club this year will return next year. “I am a club member through and through and have been around for more than 55 years. That club is close to my heart, along with its culture and solidarity,” Van Diessen adds.

“That wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been more proactive in expanding our sponsor group”

RC Hilversum chairman Raymond van Diessen


The 19-time national champion has now been surpassed by clubs such as RFC Haarlem, RC Eemland and ‘t Gooi. “That would not have happened if we had not been more proactive in expanding our sponsor group. We have had success with that for a long time and then you fall asleep a bit. You are passed by by teams that are also working on professionalizing themselves. We missed a beat there,” says Van Diessen honestly.

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