New Order campaigns for suicide prevention with charity shirts

New Order have released a t-shirt for charity. Using a line from the 1983 single “Blue Monday” and in the style of their design at the time, the group wants to draw attention to the topics of mental health and suicide prevention. The charity clothing item was created in collaboration with the organization “Campaign Against Living Miserably” (“CALM” for short and in German: Campaign Against Living Miserably), which has set itself the task of raising more awareness about the subject of suicide and to provide assistance to those at risk of suicide.

Ten pounds per shirt will be donated

The T-shirt for the good cause was designed by designer Peter Saville, who also created the original artwork for the single “Blue Monday”. It represents the second edition of the limited piece. It is printed with the first line of the song, “How does it feel?”, and the color code design of the cover artwork.

This is what the design looks like:

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Simon Gunning, CEO of the CALM charity, said the lyrics of the 1983 New Order song “perfectly fit the work” the organization does, according to the New Order website. Their work would be to “remove the stigma of suicide and provide support to those struggling with it.” He further added: “Mental health affects us all and we know that one in five people will have suicidal thoughts in their lifetime.”

A T-shirt costs 25 pounds (around 30 euros). Of this, ten pounds (approx. 11.50 euros) from every sale will be donated to the organization “to help anyone who feels like they can’t get through tomorrow.” The limited edition is available on the band’s website. You can access the shop here and you can secure a top.

New Order describe the importance of the charity campaign on their website as follows: “It could be life-changing. With ‘how does it feel’, as CALM ambassadors we felt like we had the perfect text and the perfect message.” They explained, knowing “that all the money raised will help CALM reach even more people is there in need,” making the campaign even stronger in their eyes.