New job offer for Jürgen Klopp after Liverpool exit

The Liverpool coach is stepping down from his position in the summer and wants to take a break. Now an offer appeared to work in a different capacity in the football business.

It has been clear for a few weeks now: Jürgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool FC early. After this season, the 56-year-old wants to take a break from coaching. Klopp had announced that he no longer wanted to be on the sidelines for at least a year.

But now he is associated with a different activity – in front of the microphone. This is reported by the Daily Mail. Accordingly, the English television stations BBC and ITV are vying for the Stuttgart native as a TV expert for the European Championships in Germany. He is the absolute preferred candidate for both broadcasters. They value his expertise and charisma, which they hope will bring added value to television viewers.

However, as the report goes on to say, the chances of Klopp being signed are slim. Accordingly, the successful trainer has no desire for a TV studio. He would rather follow the European Championships in his home country as a fan. Klopp even has tickets for all three group games for the German team.

Klopp knows the role as a TV expert

The profession of TV expert would not be new for Klopp. At the 2006 World Cup and the 2008 European Championships he worked in this role for ZDF alongside presenter Johannes B. Kerner. That too with success. The duo, together with referee expert Urs Meier, received the 2006 German Television Prize in the “Best Sports Program” category.

At the 2010 World Cup, Klopp was once again on duty as a TV expert. This time for RTL in a team with Günther Jauch. Klopp and Jauch also received the television award for their coverage of the tournament in South Africa.