New blue card has risks according to former top referee Ruud Bossen: “Risk of injuries is increasing”

The red and yellow card are indispensable in football, but there is a chance that referees will soon also have a blue card in their pocket. According to TheTelegraph FIFA wants to experiment with the blue card from next season. According to former top referee Ruud Bossen, this has both advantages and disadvantages, he says in the radio broadcast of NH Sports.

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The blue card is created to punish unsportsmanlike offenses, such as interrupting a promising attack. Protesting football players will also be punished with a blue card.

“With a yellow card you can remain on the field, so you are not actually punished”

Former referee Ruud Bossen

“The current rule is that only the captain can seek redress from the referee, but sometimes six or seven players come to the referee,” says Bossen, who has refereed 616 official matches in professional football. “If you can then hand out two blue cards, it might mean that players will protest less.”

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Bossen mentions cases for which the yellow card is still drawn. According to the former referee, the difference between the yellow and blue print is the direct result of the card. “With a yellow card you can remain on the field, so you are not actually penalized. If an accumulation of yellow cards occurs, the player will be suspended for the next match, and the opponent of that match will benefit from it. If you If you receive a blue card, you must leave the field for ten minutes and the opponent will benefit from the current match.”


From next season, FIFA will experiment with the blue card at a low level. However, it will still take some time before referees show the blue card on television, if the test is successful. “I think it will take at least another two years before we see the blue card in professional football. First, the new rule will be tested to see what the advantages and disadvantages are.”

Bossen believes that there are also a number of snags to the introduction of the blue card. “For example, a special dugout must be created where the players have to wait after receiving the blue card. And if you have to stand on the sidelines for ten minutes in -4 degrees and then come back to the field, the chance is injury is also greater,” concludes the Haarlemmer.

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