New attempt to solve ‘noise bridge’ problems in Hoogeveen. ‘Residing families are desperate’

Municipal interests in Hoogeveen are making a new attempt to solve the nuisance at the bridge in the Weg om de Oost. For many years, local residents have been mad about the noise, especially from trucks that rumble over the bridge.

“Some local families are desperate,” says councilor Jan van der Sleen of Municipal Interests. This newspaper already wrote about this two years ago. Residents sit outside with earplugs, struggle with vibrating floors and cupboards and have a disturbed night’s sleep.

Six days a week, thousands of trucks and other vehicles pass the movable bridge on the busy ring road to and from the industrial estate. From early in the morning to late at night.

Vibration and noise measurement

Municipal interests are asking the municipality for a vibration and noise measurement. If it turns out that the standards are being exceeded, the party wants Hoogeveen to make a ‘maximum effort’ to solve the problem so that the living enjoyment of the families concerned is restored. “They are going crazy because of the many cars driving over the bridge,” says Van der Sleen.

Major maintenance has previously been carried out on the mechanical part of the bridge in order to reduce the noise pollution experienced. The asphalt has also been renewed, there was a test with rubber damping, the height difference between bridge and road surface was eliminated and vibrating bridge railings were secured. Traffic counts and speed measurements were also carried out.

Matrix boards

According to local residents, without noticeable results. Later, the municipality installed matrix signs with the speed limit at the bridge and the 50 kilometers per hour symbol was painted on the road surface.

According to the municipality, there were no other options to reduce the nuisance. “We have done everything to reduce the nuisance and see no opportunity to take further measures,” the municipality informed residents in writing.

Not 30 km per hour

According to the council, a proposal to lower the maximum speed to 30 kilometers per hour was ‘unrealistic and not appropriate to the function of the road.’ Speed ​​bumps were also eliminated, because they probably cause extra nuisance in the form of vibrations and noise.

The Weg om de Oost is an important access road to the De Wieken business park on the south side of Hoogeveen.