Neighborhood complaints about the high volume of Coldplay concerts in Barcelona

The neighborhood association Affected by Noise Pollution and Overcrowding (PACAME) has denounced the high volume of the concerts of Coldplay at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys in Barcelona, ​​whose songs have been heard in various neighborhoods of the city.

PACAME, which fights against incivility, noise, overcrowding and large bottles that do not let residents rest, has expressed its complaint on its Twitter channel about the volume of the three concerts that Coldplay has offered in Barcelona so far. In the first, on Wednesday, Chris Martin’s group unleashed magic and collective euphoria.

The association has explained that during one of the concerts of the British band they have measured with the sound level meter up to 56.8 decibels in an address located one kilometer away from the Olympic stadium. “The authorities allow up to 53 dB, a nonsense anyway, can you imagine what the closest neighbors listen to?” asks PACAME, who recalls that this Sunday will be four nights of Coldplay concerts.

“Coldplay concert again, setting off firecrackers as part of the show. Aren’t they aware that people sleep to get up early and go to work?” adds PACAME, alluding to the Fireworks that close each concert, with two final strakes, which questions “why does the city council allow it? Anything goes?“.

Residents of the Poble-sec, Sants and Eixample neighborhoods have also complained about the high volume of concert speakers. Some affected claim on social networks that the volume is so high that they even identify each song.

The windows of the houses vibrate

Residents of Avenida de Rius i Taulet have explained to the municipal television ‘Betevé’ that they are “tired” of the Massive events that are held on Montjuïc and the music festivals and concerts that are held. Although they recognize that this time they did not hear the windows of the houses vibrateAs on other occasions, they did measure the noise during the hours of the concert and found that the decibels exceeded the limits.

Sources from the City Council quoted by municipal television have explained that in the first concert of the British band in Barcelona sand followed all current regulations and they used track meters that control the level of affectation to the minute and guarantee compliance with the limits set.

also checked the sonometric affectation outside the stadium and it was verified that the established limits were met, although the council has admitted that there are environmental factors, such as wind, that influence the propagation of noise.

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The successful British group concludes today the series of four concerts in Barcelona, ​​their only performance on this tour in Spain, which will have been attended by more than 220,000 people.

It is not the first time that a concert at the Olympic stadium has generated complaints from neighbors and entities, and one of the most controversial was the Guns N’Roses concert in 2018.