NBA star ran over a man with a car – Bad injuries

Part of the leg of the man who got hit by the car had to be amputated.

Haywood Highsmith was involved in a serious accident. ZUMAWIRE / MVPHOTOS

American player of the NBA basketball team Miami Heat Haywood Highsmith27, was involved in a car accident after the Orlando Magic game earlier this week.

The Miami Heat played a home game against Orlando on Tuesday night local time, and Highsmith crashed on the way home.

By Fox Sports 640 Reporter Andy Slater’s according to reports, Highsmith hit a man with his car who was helping a person whose car was stuck in the middle of the road. Slater said in X that he got the information from an official source.

According to Slater’s information, the man who was hit by the car driven by Highsmith had to have part of his leg amputated and is in a critical condition.

The 21-year-old man also broke his left leg and left arm.

Highsmith was not physically injured.

The Miami Heat faced the San Antonio Spurs in a match played on Thursday night Finland time, but Miami announced that Highsmith is on the sidelines for personal reasons.

Miami announced that the club is aware of Highsmith’s involvement in the car accident. The club expressed its apologies to the injured persons and refused to comment further on the matter.

Highsmith is in his third season in Miami. He debuted in the NBA in the 2018–19 season.